Buy weed in Prague

Buying weed in Prague: Laws, Prices & Places

Buy weed in Prague, The spirit that moves around this city is remarkable. Trust us, you want to find weed in Prague! This is the ultimate guide to buying weed in Prague. Learn about the laws, places & prices before you buy weed in Prague so you have a safe trip here.

Obviously, the best way of them all is to know a grower, which might happen if you hang out in the right places and make the right connections. Luck can also come in handy. However, I am friends with many growers, so if you don’t want to go through so much hassle, just shoot me a message on Telegram and I will hook you up.

Not only this city offers you a unique cultural richness, but it is also a heaven for all the pot lovers in the world, as it is one of the most liberal cities in Europe when it comes to the good stuff.

If you’ve ever had any doubts about finding weed in a foreign city, don’t panic! Prague stands for one of the cities where finding & buying weed is very easy! Buy weed in Prague

Furthermore, cannabis spread over Prague as much as people started calling it ‘the Amsterdam of the East’. Its nickname already awakens an urge to go and visit it, we know.

Keep reading, and let us give you some pros so you can cross off this European diamond off your list!

Cannabis Law in Prague

Buy weed in Prague
Buy weed in Prague

In order to understand why the Czech Republic is so liberal when it comes to drugs, a quick summary of its short law history should explain it.

In 1993 possession and use of marijuana were legalized, while the production and sale were criminalized and punishable by law. 1999 the law was altered to criminalize possession of ‘amounts larger than small’ of cannabis. The law in 2010 finally established a possession limit of up to 15 grams or up to 5 plants.

The law is important in your goal of getting weed in Prague so keep this in mind before buying anything.

Where to get weed in Prague

Regardless of its nickname, don’t expect to see shops and coffee places selling weed everywhere you turn. Weed in Prague isn’t such a ‘big thing’. It is probably due to its liberal view of it throughout the last few decades. Buy weed in Prague

There seem to be two rules that might be smart to follow when it comes to buying — never buy from street dealers because you will almost certainly get ripped off (avoid Wenceslas Square) and don’t ask the bartenders unless you’re a mean Mr. Grinch and wish unemployment upon them.

Still, it’s funny how street dealers will make eye signals with you, to notify you that you can pick some weed from them. If you want to find weed in Prague without too much care for the price, just look for young black males. Someone will wink at you for sure

As usual, we advise hanging around at chill bars, music events, concerts, festivals, etc. There are some bars that have a fair reputation, such are Kenny’s Island, Shotgun, Abstrakt, and Cross Club. U-Sudu is also a bar that we’ve heard is weed-friendly, so try checking it out, you’ve got nothing to lose. If none of those work, as a last choice try Chapeau Rouge, located in the center.

Cannabis prices in Prague

Expect to pay around 15$ (400 CZK) per gram, but the price varies a lot in reality. As a tourist, you almost always pay more, especially in bars. If you know someone the price will fall in double, so get those social skills working, and who knows, maybe you’ll find friends for a lifetime!

Don’t worry about a thing because everything’s gonna be alright!

You will have one of the best times ever. Prague is an amazing town with amazing weed!

There is only one life and every one of us should spend at least one weekend in Prague in the sweet company of Mary Jane.

Now that I have taught you all you need to know, getting weed in Prague is not that hard after all isn’t it?

Again, the best way of them all is to know a grower, which might happen if you hang out in the right places and make the right connections. Luck can also come

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