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Garlic Cookies Water Hash



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Garlic Cookies Water Hash is dedicated to creating only the highest quality concentrates and only partners with small farmers in the Emerald Triangle. Within five minutes of being collected, small amounts of flower are frozen, and they are then stored and cured in a cold room. By manually stirring the ice water hash, Papa’s Select artisans can either leave it as is, press it into rosin, transform it into badder, or turn it into sauce, depending on the consistency of the results. All of Papa’s Select’s products are made by hand, completely solvent-free, and exceptionally terpene-rich.

what make Garlic Cookies Water Hash unique

THC 69.85% CBD 0.12% THCa 72.40%

This percentage might represent the product’s total THC/CBD, THCa/CBDa, or THCb/CBDb content. Customers should check the actual product label for the precise THC/CBD percentage.

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Gas, Garlic, Onion

Body Relaxing, Sleepy, Euphoric

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Garlic Cookies Water HashGarlic Cookies Water Hash
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