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Baby Powder Strain

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Order Khalifa Kush in USA

Baby Powder Strain is the exclusive  anticipated cannabis strain drop collaborated by the famous Cookies Khalifa Kush. Baby Powder the Strain will be released on March 18th in all Cookies California locations with the best-sought effects for anyone. On January 22nd, Cookies California announced the opening of its home doors to the cultivation team Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa.

Though not much information is currently known about this Babby Powder weed strain, Berner’s Cookies is the most popular known cannabis brand. Babby Powder Strain by Cookies is wellfamp grown indoor and sits around 33 THC, with less than 2% CBD with an unknown lineage.

Babby Powder is undoubtedly a flower worth trying if you can get your hands on it. Buy Baby Powder Strain by Cookies and have a great time with family and friends while enjoying the new best strain drop on the cannabis market.

Where to Buy Babby Powder Strain by Cookies x Khalifa Kush – Buy Baby Powder Cookies Strain

Our markets are spanning across four countries in the world and over a dozen states, with more than 12 worldwide deliveries and counting. The Babby Powder cannabis strain gets its name from its appearance and naming it when Mike Eps smacks that dude in the movie, we laughed our asses off.

Baby Powder Strain

Babby Powder Khalifa Kush weed nugs are as frosty and the nugs look like it was covered in baby powder. Khalifa Kush emerged back in Nevada in 2 14 and has soared into a smaller craft brand. In the interview with Forbes about the Babby Powder Khalifa Kush strain, Berner stated they had a good time, and it’s undoubtedly a flower worth trying if you can get your hands on it.

Babby Powder Cookies strain is available on the premium cultivar other consumers say it’s “strong as hell.” The Baby Powder by Khalifa nugs has a vibrant canvas of purple and green hues, along with crystal trichomes and fiery pistils scattered throughout.

To find this strain near you, head to the cannabis-crew Shop website and you can also order from anywhere. Buy Baby Powder Cookies Strain today and enjoy an 8th of Khalifa Kush Babby Powder going for $90 pre-tax.


10 grams, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound

6 reviews for Baby Powder Strain

  1. Meek Miller

    First order and Perfectly cured product is received.

    Buds are quite small as mentioned in the previous comments but the quality is outstanding 5*

  2. Brandon Lee

    Excellent as always, good size because it wasn’t too damp which is great. Not enough is dried properly nowadays but this was. Decent strength.

  3. Blake Shelton

    As ever – ordering easy and delivery on point.

  4. James foster

    Can’t recommend Cannabis -Crew enough for well priced strains and discreet delivered. I hope they continue to receive the support they deserve.

  5. Tom

    Awesome strain exceeds all expectations and is very well described and effective

  6. Kim

    Literally got stoned to the bone. This craft is unreal!!! Felt like I was on another planet with this crazy relaxing high ahah

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