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Blue Magic marijuana strain

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Blue Magic marijuana strain is a hybrid that leans heavily sativa and has an enigmatic history. This strong strain, whose breeder is unknown, may be a unique genotype of the wildly popular Blue Dream, which is acknowledged to be a particularly well-balanced hybrid. Blue Magic provides a strong mental kick that subsequently fades into a more balanced high. Regardless of its psychotropic effect, this strain is certain to win over devotees thanks to its vibrant, popular flavor. The THC concentration of Blue Magic has been estimated to be between 15% and 23%.

Blue Magic marijuana strain nature

Blue Magic marijuana strain nature is a small to medium-sized flowers with a tapering, pinecone-like form distinguish Blue Magic. The strain’s effects are primarily sativa, yet its buds have a compact, indica-like structure. The leaves are a vivid emerald green hue and are covered in hairy pistils that are various shades of pink, red, and orange. Buy Blue Magic Weed Strain Online in Europe

Marijuana strain origin

Blue Magic marijuana strain origin and it’s noteworthy that Blue Magic does not appear to have inherited the strong anthocyanin pigment content of its grandmother strain Blueberry; as a result, it is uncommon to find Blue Magic flowers with streaks of deep blue or purple. Despite having a lot of milky white trichomes, Blue Magic has a very resinous texture and is challenging to crush without a good grinder. Order Blue Magic Weed Strain Online in Dubai

Marijuana strain flavors

Blue Magic marijuana strain flavors a comes out well when properly cured, Blue Magic has a general scent reminiscent of Blue Dream. Major tropical blueberry flavors give off a sweet and tart initial impression. Flowers also contain musky, aromatic undertones of wood and tobacco upon closer inspection, which is probably a result of the grandfather strain Haze. The blossoms produce some foul smells when they are broken open or ground up. Smooth and tasty smoke from Blue Magic with a fruity and spicy flavor on the exhale and a creamy, buttery texture.

Blue Magic marijuana strain effects

The high from Blue Magic strain effects set in swiftly, arresting users with its energizing mental force. Users may experience a concerted pressure behind the eyes shortly after inhaling, along with an amplification of their perceptions. Visual distortions are also frequently observed, giving the initial high a little surreal edge. Certain noises or sights could seem more vibrant and deserving of attention. Users are better able to channel the strain’s thinking energy toward productivity as they become accustomed to this altered perception. Blue Magic enables people to keep their attention on things like dealing with unopened emails or cleaning a long-forgotten restroom.

marijuana strain benefits

Blue Magic marijuana strain benefits patients a lot especially patients who use medical cannabis may benefit from Blue Magic’s marijuana strain mental stimulation. Those with attention deficit problems may benefit from its long-lasting sensation of focus. Additionally, the strain may encourage people who are mildly to moderately depressed or under mild to moderate stress to live in the moment. Last but not least, some anti-inflammatory actions can alleviate common inconveniences like headaches or nausea. This strain is not advised for people who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance to THC because its cerebral activity can translate into paranoia for some.

Blue Magic marijuana strain for sale online

Blue Magic marijuana strain for sale online. Sativa-dominant strains like Blue Magic are excellent for stimulating lively conversation among friends as well as getting creative or analytical work done. This strong strain will definitely draw attention if you bring it out in public, so be sure to bring enough to share. Order Blue Magic Weed Strain Online in Australia


Order Blue Magic Weed Strain Online. Blue Magic is an upbeat sativa-dominant strain bred from the famous Blue Dream . This strain has a creamy fruity taste with high energy effects. Customers who bought blue dream from cannabis-cew  shop said it gives a relaxation effect.

Marijuana strain THC level

With high THC contents of up to 23%, blue magic definitely hits likewise most sativa dominant strains. Buy Blue Magic Weed Strain Online from your #1 online dispensary and enjoy a sativa strain whose euphoria offers functionality and despite an impressive THC profile.

Marijuana strain reviews

Blue Magic marijuana strain reviews since no commercial growers have claimed responsibility for Blue Magic’s creation or made seeds available for sale, prospective growers must obtain clippings that can be grown as clones.

Its Although there is little information available on best practices for cultivating Blue Magic specifically, we know that the closely-related Blue Dream can be grown indoors or outdoors in warm, semi-humid climates. Order Blue Magic Weed Strain Online in Europe

We also know that Blue Dream grows short and bushy, requires frequent pruning, and flowers within 10 weeks when grown indoors.


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4 reviews for Blue Magic marijuana strain

  1. Terrence Phelps

    Hands down my favourite strain and I’ll never get sick of it!

  2. Hilary Campbell

    Dopest strain you’ll ever try

  3. Charles

    Extremely strong indica.. This strain helped me so much with anxiety and stress. It always leaves me feeling very calm. I highly recommend.

  4. Stephen B. Brunet

    It’s smooth, sweet smell and outstanding flavor this my best marijuana strain

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